Hello my name is Michael Freas.
I capture life as it happens...

As a photographer, my mission is to create experiences through visuals. Each frame I produce speaks in its own unique language of quality and creativity that enables viewers to understand what the brand stands for – even without words! With technical skill at the forefront combined with storytelling elements, clients can trust that their vision is captured accurately – whatever it may be. Working together successfully lies within strong communication between client and artist; so if you’re looking for a fearless visual storyteller capable of producing captivating images while paying close attention to detail, look no further than me!

In this ever-evolving creative industry, finding the perfect photographer for any project can be daunting. I offer clients more than just technical skill and experience – my 10+ years of photography services come with a commitment to detail that ensures they receive quality beyond their expectations each time.

I strive to capture experiences in an appealing composition intertwined with storytelling elements so viewers are immediately transported into breathtaking destinations regardless if it’s through an advertising campaign or exclusive brand promotion. With successful collaborations around the world on social media campaigns and influencers alike, your vision is sure to become reality under my watchful eye!

surfer riding wave in the Philippines